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Clean Water Warrior Crew
Clean Water Warrior Crew

Want to show your support for clean land, and clean water? Buy a shirt, and wear it proudly!

Please send your shirt requests to Paul, and don’t hesitate to ask about specials on shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, and other items that are also available in any quantity.

Here is our shirt pricing – notice the HUGE discounts for extra quantity purchases. All fees include free shipping.

5 or less shirts:  $35.00/each
6-10 shirts: $30.00/each
11-20 shirts: $25.00/each
21-50 shirts: $20.00/each
51-100 shirts: $15.00/each
101+ shirts: $12.00/each

People_Clamboring_BeachNot interested only in a basic T-shirt? Below is a list of ALL the items available via our exclusive partner Customlink — all promoting the Clean Water Warrior message.

Remember … orders can only be placed through Clean Water Warrior. Why not stand tall with scores of others who are wearing and using clothing, mugs, bags, etc., to show their support of clean land and clean water? Make your purchase today!



Ladies & Juniors








Drinkware & Koozies






Button Down Shirts








Pens & Supplies




No Minimum


Fun Stuff


Available in Canada


Purchase with the confidence that every item available is of top quality, and made to last. Thanks for helping Clean Water Warrior fulfill our mission to invest with agricultural operations to control waste runoff, and clean up our lakes, rivers and streams.

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